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Key features

Mobility and simplicity of the form are the characteristic features of the Dotto pouf. Thanks to their light structure, the pouffes can be moved to another place easily when needed. A particular attention should be paid to the Dotto ball – it forces the user to balance their body and stay in constant motion, which is very beneficial especially to those employees who spend most of their working day sitting at a desk.


The Dotto pouf comes in three forms: a cube, a cylinder and a ball. Thanks to this feature, the pouf offers many different arrangement possibilities. Apart from playing with its geometrical shapes, it is possible to play with its colours that can be adjusted to the company's colour concept or used to create a completely new arrangement.

Dotto is a universal solution – a freestanding pouf or a ball encourages employees to take a break in a fun room. It is a perfect complement to the informal meeting zone, but it can also serve as an alternative to an office chair in the individual work zone.



Dotto line includes two shapes of pouffes:

  • round (DI: 420 mm, H: 420 mm and DI: 800 mm, H: 420 mm)
  • square (420x420x420 mm)

The structure of both models consists of expanded polistyrene and polyurethane foam. The optimally chosen foam density and the height of the pouffes ensure great comfort during use.

The Dotto product family is complemented with Dotto balls, available in two dimensions: DI 550 mm and 650 mm. They consist of an inflatable ball and a carefully designed and manufactured cover. The stability of the
product is ensured by a metal weight placed in the base of the ball.


Round and square Dotto pouffes can be made in upholstery fabric of 1-4 price group. Dotto ball can be made of two different colours  of fabrics of two price groups: 2 and 4.

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In a contemporary office people change their work styles smoothly. The proper space arrangement, which gives employees a chance to choose the place where they want to perform their professional duties, can increase their efficiency by up to 60%.


We often look for a compromise between our office and home lives. We search for solutions that allow us to create spaces that are visually exceptional, while remaining highly functional. We combine soft forms and delicate shapes with smart storage elements. The Levitate furniture system meets these needs perfectly. Thanks to its unique design, the system can also enrich every space and make it stand out. The use of natural materials, such as wood, facilitates the process of creating a user-friendly workplace.

Easy Space

The optimal arrangement of a workplace should respond to the processes realised by the employees who work there. It is advisable to choose equipment that is universal while being fully functional. To facilitate effective everyday work, the best support is often provided by simple and proven solutions – such as the Easy Space furniture system.

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