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Key features

The modular system Tepee allows for creating almost an unlimited number of configurations. Sofas without panels or sofas with panels of different heights, office walls or workstations for individual work ensure the office is arranged according to employees' needs.

Meeting zone

The sofa panels available in a few heights allow for creating open areas for spontaneous meetings (low versions) or sectioning off teamwork zones visually (high versions).

Hot-desking zone

With the use of the Tepee walls you can create single workstations for undisturbed individual work or workstations designed for the hot-desking mode of working – you can do this by fitting the wall with a desktop.

Relaxation zone

When the panels, which allow employees to isolate themselves from distracting factors visually, are combined with the comfortable soft Tepee sofas, they offer the perfect solution for creating small relaxation zones in the office space.

Reception & waiting areas

Thanks to its unique design, the system is a good choice for reception areas where the first impression about a company is made. The modular sofas integrated with tables provide visitors with great comfort.

Economic development

Economic development cannot be realised at the expense of the natural environment. Organisations should strive to save resources such as paper or electricity. Manufacturing companies have started to implement the zero waste policy. The appearance of innovative technologies based on apparently used materials is the added value of these changes.

Office walls and panels

The Tepee office walls and panels are made of 100% recycled materials.


The felt, which the panels and walls are made of, is manufactured from recycled PET bottles.

The wide range of upholstery colours allows for creating almost an unlimited number of office arrangement colour concepts.



All sofa models are made of a durable metal-wooden structure. The sofa seat is based on a metal frame to which round legs are fixed. The legs are made of beech wood and a white or black powder-coated metal profile. The comfort of use is ensured by the properly chosen foam of the right thickness and density.

Sofas with panels

The sofas are equipped with a panel made of thermoformed felt that is available in 3 different heights. The felt panel is assembled to the sofa backrest using an upright made of veneered plywood. The panel is additionally stabilised with a link made of solid beech wood.

Freestanding tables

The freestanding table is available with a top made of chipboard covered with HPL laminate on both sides. The top is fixed to a frame made of solid beech wood. The table is based on a metal frame to which round legs are fixed. The legs are made of beech wood and a white or black powder-coated metal profile.

Office panels

Office panels consist of a panel made of a sheet of thermoformed felt and an upright with a metal foot. The upright is made of veneered plywood. The role of the upright is to stabilise the panel. The panels are available as freestanding versions or versions for integration, which allows for creating different arrangements. Panels for integration require ordering links that allow for connecting panels with each other.

Tepee Work

The workstation consists of office panels equipped with a working desktop. The top is made of 25 mm melamine double faced chipboard. As an option, the top can be fitted with media ports or outlets that allow for channelling cables.

Electric ports

As an option, individual sofa models, tables and Tepee workstations can be equipped with the following electric ports:
– OE Electrics PIX – an electric port dedicated to Tepee sofas;
– OE Electrics Pluto – an electric port dedicated to tables from the Tepee system;
– OE Electrics Pixel – an electric port dedicated to the Tepee workstation.

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